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Weddings In Israel Merge Together Old and New

With influence from events around the globe, weddings in Israel are beginning to change.

Even though Israelis hold tradition in very high regard, there are now many who are willing to step out of the traditional norms and opt for a more contemporary approach that is both refreshing and fun.

The latest trends when it comes to Israeli weddings are the best of both worlds.

They bring with them a sense of cultural responsibility, giving every wedding the true taste of tradition. They also hint at contemporary modernism that adds a stimulating spiciness to the regular old norms.

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Unique Locations

Gone are the days of having your celebration in proper wedding venues in Israel. While the traditional ceremony often takes place in the synagogue, the modern day celebration is held in random locations such as the streets, a furniture store, etc.

The more random the location, the more fun and unpredictable it will be.

A particularly famous street is one in Florentine, in the south of Tel Aviv. It is adorned with colorful and compelling street art, where under a hand crafted Chuppah, the bride and groom can recite their vows. This is truly the ultimate hipster wedding.

Kastiel, a furniture store based in south Tel Aviv is another famous location to have your wedding. Stylish and gorgeous, this furniture store gives you full freedom to have your wedding the way you want to.

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Casual Wear

In true Israeli fashion, at a wedding in Israel, some guests don’t feel the need to dress up. The concept behind not dressing up is that it comes in the way of celebration so they skip it altogether. At many weddings, you will witness people in the ceremony dressed up in regular everyday clothes. This is because they are only there to have a good time so they don’t feel the need to wear uncomfortable, form-fitting clothing.

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Glamorous and Extravagant

On one end of the spectrum are people who really could not care more about dressing up and putting in any extra effort. On the other end of the spectrum, we have people who are breaking all boundaries and going all out. From designer wear dresses to lux venues to impeccable décor; they go the extra mile.

Beachside Celebration

Israeli wedding celebrations are now taking place at the shore. Who doesn’t love a beachside wedding amidst the crashing waves, the cool breeze, and the warm sun? This is perfect for a small intimate affair with the ones closest to you.

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Intricate Décor

Pinterest inspired décor has been making waves in the Israeli wedding scene. From jewel tones accents to cascading flowers to gourmet fine dining setups; weddings with such décor is nothing short of magical.

Planning a wedding in Israel can be an incredible experience that pays homage to the past while incorporating the modern present.

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