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Wedding Locations Israel That Are Jaw-Dropping

Insider advice to create an extraordinary event.

After the initial surprise and excitement of the proposal and a few calls to your elated families, you are finally ready to jump into full-force planning mode. You open your secret (or not so secret) Pinterest wedding board and begin to envision your dream.

wedding locations israel

One thing sticks out to you right off the bat; you can’t imagine wedding in any other place than Israel.

Whether it be a touch of Zionism or the appeal of an Israel beach wedding, you know this is the place where you want to say “I do.”

israel beach wedding

As an American bride planning a wedding in Israel, I understand how overwhelming this can be. Although the country is small, it is filled with gorgeous scenery, historical sites and all types of terrain. You can even drive from the most north to the south in under nine hours!  With so many incredible places to choose from, you need to narrow down your search. 

First, decide what type of landscape you want.

Are you considering where to get married in Israel? What do you think a historical, geological, or religious landmark? Consider Ein Gedi, Masada, Rosh Hanikra, Hulda Forest, The Dead Sea, Jaffa, or Jerusalem wedding venues If you imagine saying your vows beside rolling green hills, you can look into Israel’s 35 commercial wineries or 250 boutique wineries. These will fit the bill if you are looking for small wedding venues in Israel.

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Is the backdrop on your vision board a clear, blue ocean and golden sand? An Israel beach wedding may be right for you. There are a whopping 137 beaches in Israel!

Some beach cities you must check out include: Tel Aviv, Caesarea (nearby Beit Yannai), Eilat, Herzliya, Haifa and Netanya. please keep in mind that in Israel beaches are considered public properties so before you make your final choices give us a call to make sure what you are planning is legal 

In addition to shorelines, 60% of Israel is actually desert. You can create your own oasis in the desert complete with Bedouin-style, floor cushions, fairy lights and maybe even some camels!

When it comes to Israel weddings, the sky is truly the limit.


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