getting married in israel

Wedding in Tel Aviv Area Israel

Wedding in Tel Aviv Area Israel

There are increasing numbers of people who exchange vows. This type of ceremony is the exact moment that you will see how to people love one another.
If planning to get married soon, why not consider celebrating in the “country of honey and milk” –Israel. Furthermore, if you’re planning to have a wedding in Tel Aviv area Israel – you should read this. Israel offers fascinating venues that vary from religious and conservative setting to extra revolutionary urban location. Below are the top 8 places where you can exchange I Do’s:

Wedding in Tel Aviv

  1. Shimshon Center or Beit Shmuel: The “Mercaz Shimshon” serves to be a spectacular venue which is located in the center of Jerusalem. These only take some minutes away from the Western Wall. The real and artistic architectural rooftop sensation opened last 2001 as the continuation of the Beit Shmuel. This holds fascinating terrace and hall design that overlook David’s Citadel and Old City. Since the place is quite big, this can host over 460 guests. Wedding in such romantic and authentic place will definitely leave your family and guests thunderstruck by spirituality and elegancy.
  2. Riverside: Compared to Beit Shnmuel, this place is considered as urban venue since this combine modernity and naturality. The place actually overlooks the river and HaYarkon Park, which create romantic and warm atmosphere. It provides large sitting area to almost 250 guests. This little island is situated in the peaceful heart of Tel Aviv. Maasiva is an eminent catering “gourmet service” which serve as the highlight of the venue. This catering has the ability to please the most sensitive and delicate taste of guests.
  3. Al Hayam: This type of place is what people envision. The soft sound of waves and little breeze makes the place very romantic for exchange of vow. The venue is placed on cliff that overlooks a bay of historic Caesarea city. The dazzling sea view makes the ceremony unforgettable; you will never regret choosing this place.
  4. The Kind David’s Hotel: This had been established in 1920’s and serves as the oldest and reputable hotel in Israel. The place played an essential role in the history of the country, from the foundation and up to now. This place is only walking distance from Western Wall. Wedding can be celebrated in one of their outdoor terraces that overlook the “Old City”.
  5. Psagot Winery: If you wanted to be different, consider this place. This area is considered as one of the most popular area among Israelis for different occasion. This has the ability to host almost 700 people, and the intoxicating view can make your guest comfortable and remember the wedding for their entire life.
  6. Uno:  Those individuals who are young at heart, this urban setting referred to as Uno can fit your budget. This is located in the “Tel Aviv Azrieli Tower Complex”, the said venue serve as a place to those who adore fast moving city light. Having wedding on the 10th floor can bring relaxing and romantic atmosphere. Its surrounding tower and breath taking view will impress your entire guest.


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