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Guest at Israeli Wedding – Top 5 Things to Know

Being a guest at Israeli wedding, especially in a foreign destination is considered a whole new ballgame.

Whether you like experiencing new cultures or simply love to travel, there’s something magical about destination weddings.

When you’re invited to a wedding in Israel, there’s so much to talk about and become inspired by.

Be it certain rights and rituals to the Israeli wedding guest attire and rules, the list of things to know when invited to an Israeli wedding is endless. We’re breaking down Israeli weddings done right in a manner like no other so you can enjoy your experience in the best way possible. Read on!

It’s all about robust festivity and cheer in the air

When it comes to weddings in Israel, it won’t be a surprise to hear that it is a warm and festive affair. There are happy, smiling and welcoming people everywhere. You’ll find individuals who go all out in wishing the newly married couple all the best for their future together.

Cheers in the air by guest at israeli wedding

Israeli wedding customs

While you may be thinking that weddings in this era are supposed to be all about glitz, glamour and modern day appeal, you might need to reconsider when it comes to Israeli weddings. Nothing says classic ancient traditions better than the customs and rituals followed by Israeli weddings. Some of the rituals performed today by a modern couple are similar to those performed by their parents and grandparents years ago. Did we mention how significant a part religion plays at weddings? Yes, Israeli weddings pay homage and respect to cultural and religious beliefs every step of the way.

Traditional wedding in Israel

Ancient Israel wedding traditions

You might receive the wedding invite with two different opening times. Kabbalat Panim is when family and friends greet the couple sitting in separate rooms. The second time refers to the actual start time of the ceremony. If there’s only one time mentioned, then it’s most likely the scheduled time of the ceremony, so do your best to be on time.

Before the marriage ceremony starts, the soon to be married couple must sign a contract called a “Ketubah.” This Jewish contract for marriage is signed in a special ceremony known as the “Bedeken.” The “Bedeken” involves only the most exclusive guest list of the bride and groom’s loved ones, terming it as the most private affair. The ceremony ends with the breaking of glass symbolizing the remembrance of mortality of this world. In most of the weddings, it is time to cheer the couple by yelling “Mazel Tov!”

Cherrs Mazel Tov

Get your dance moves ready

Once a couple has been declared husband and wife, there’s no stopping the festive celebrations that are soon to follow. You would not be surprised to witness the dance floor occupied by the bride and groom’s well-wishers all around.  As a guest at an Israeli wedding, you’re expected to go full out with the celebrations and dancing is an absolute must.

Israeli wedding dancing

Follow a simple set of unspoken rules

Believe it or not, most of the wedding elements such as the venue, etiquettes and dress code rely on how religious the couple and their family members actually are. The more liberal and less religious that the couple is, the more freedom guests have in their outfit choices. In terms of modern orthodox wedding attire, women should cover their shoulders and men should wear a yamulke (skull cap) during the ceremony.

Chatting guests

Most weddings take place after sunset, where they are usually followed by a lavish dinner and an exceptional dance reception. Being an Israeli wedding guest is guaranted to be an amazing experience and may even inspire you to also get married here!

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