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Ten big reasons to plan wedding in Israel

Ten big reasons to plan wedding in Israel

“Eretz Yisrael yafa v’gam porachat…” (“The Land of Israel is beautiful and flowering…”) It’s not just a line from a well-known song planted deeply in the DNA of every Israeli, it’s also a deep devotion to the land which is planted deep in the heart, not only of Israelis, but of most Jews around the world who feel a sense of belonging and connectedness to the land.
And what could be a greater, more powerful symbol of Judaism than a wedding beneath a chuppah (marriage canopy) in the holly land.
But even beyond the emotional aspects, there are also an infinite number of advantages to planning a wedding in Israel! So many, in fact, that we’ve chosen the best ten big reasons to plan wedding in Israel for you:

Ten big reasons to plan wedding in Israel

  • Hava Nagila – even though you may not be dancing at your wedding to the sounds of “Hava Nagila,” there’s no doubt that it’s going to be an emotional, holy event deeply connected to your roots. And since the wedding will be in Israel, whether as Israelis or as Jews from around the world, the feeling deep down will be one of warmth and belonging. It’s the most amazing, comfortable feeling creating this thrilling unity in a place you truly belong.

The one of ten big reasons to plan wedding in Israel

  • Israeli vistas – even if you didn’t grow up in Israel, the views in Israel are spectacular! And the advantage of this is that Israel is a small country, so you can arrange your wedding almost anywhere in the country, without worrying that your guests will have to travel for hours or even days, something that can happen easily for celebrations abroad. You get to choose: southern views, the center of the country, or the north – and they’re all just a short distance away.

Israeli vistas - Bands, music for modern wedding in Israel

  • Choice of suppliers – in order to hold a Jewish wedding abroad, you have to spend a lot of time ahead planning. You’ll also have a lot fewer suppliers and service providers to choose from if you want suppliers who have any connection with Judaism and know how to create a genuine Jewish wedding experience. In Israel, you won’t have to choose from one or two suppliers who know what they’re doing – here, you’ll have a whole spectrum of fabulous choices, and each supplier opens up a whole world of possibilities.
  • Eat, eat, eat – one thing that’s absolutely certain is that food is the unifying factor at every event, especially at happy events like a wedding. To ensure that the event will be a huge success, it’s essential that the food is delicious and that most of your guests enjoy it. It’s a well-known fact that the food in Israel is the best, transcending every other nation, so you’re certainly going to win guests over in a big way with the food..

Foods on wedding in Israel

  • Wedding Tinder – your single friends will thank you for holding your wedding in Israel, because everyone knows that the best way to meet the perfect match is at a Jewish wedding, where there are lots of Polish aunts who are eager to find a “shidduch” at any time. So let your friends know they should switch on their “Tinder radar” and start searching for a plane ticket!

Wedding Tinder with friends

  • A wedding with family – if you’ve ever planned a wedding abroad, you’ll know that you probably had to make it pretty small, without extended family. By letting you enjoy a family wedding that will welcome all the members of your family, an Israeli wedding is definitely the solution.

Intima beach for wedding in Israel

  • Wedding producers with experience – sure, you can find high-quality events outside of Israel, but Israeli wedding producers in general have much more experience, since there are so many weddings in Israel, with such large numbers of guests. Weddings abroad are much smaller, especially if you’re talking about a wedding of a Jewish Israeli family, most of whose members are in Israel. Event producers in Israel have honed their skills, gaining experience with the most stubborn customers in the world – Israelis 😉

Fun with friends are big reasons to plan wedding in Israel

  • So, so happy – more than once, Israelis have heard that they have the most happiness to share, and it’s true. Israelis are warm people with so much joi de vivre, an ingredient that’s going to add so much to your event. Your Israeli guests will flatter you endlessly, have a great time, party the night away, and never, never leave you alone on the dance floor.

Catering, workers in Bebke style and design are one of reasons on wedding in Israell

  • Weather – with all due respect to every other country in the world, often the weather there can be incredibly stubborn, and nowhere near as flexible as it is in Israel. Here, in the middle of November, you can still enjoy swimming in the sea during the afternoon, something you definitely couldn’t do in New York… In Israel, you’ve got more options open on the calendar for warm summery days, without rain, snow, or the like

All night music big reasons to plan wedding in Israel

  • Since you’re getting married anyway, take a trip back to your roots along the way. You’ll learn about your own history and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of where you’ve come from. A wedding in Israel can be the perfect excuse for an Israeli experience like you’ve never had before. Israel is the most advanced country, with a rich culture, a great entertainment scene, fabulous cuisine and pure great taste.

One of the best Ten big reasons to plan wedding in Israel



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