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Small Wedding Themes Trending in Israel

Just an intimate affair with the ones closest to you.

When you think of a wedding, do you automatically picture a larger than life, over the top, grand affair with 500 plus guests?

While the idea of a big event sounds incredibly fun, there is something special about a small wedding party.

A more private affair allows your guests to feel more involved in the festivities. It gives you a chance to be more present and interactive. If you happen to be somewhat of an introvert, small weddings are ideal because they allow you to be your most comfortable self.

Private affairs are more manageable than large events since you have a smaller headcount and your overall budget can be decreased.

We have identified five small wedding ideas on a budget that will give your guests an unforgettable experience.

Destination Wedding

This is the perfect opportunity for planning a small intimate wedding in Israel. Prices for smaller events in Israel are manageble and won’t break your budget in terms of commute, accommodation, rent, and vendors. A decreased headcount means reduced expenses therefore you can easily make your dreams come true without exceeding your budget.

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Creative Themes

Small Israeli weddings are the best outlet for your creativity. Let your innovative juices flow because a reduced guest list means you have the freedom to be as bold or minimal as your heart desires. A small event lets you ditch traditional norms and do what YOU want to, not what a big wedding dictates.

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Fine Dining

With a smaller affair, you can throw the most extravagant reception. Treat your guests to absolute luxury with a five course gourmet meal, exquisite china, customized napkins, carvings, designated seats and whatnot. With a small gathering, your per head cost can be increased. Give your guests the taste of true luxury since tiny weddings allow your budget to be stretched and used wisely.

One Big Table

Have the dinner party of your dreams by arranging one big table to seat your guests. This set up is not only more interactive but it looks gorgeous and is more welcoming and homely. A true intimate Israeli wedding feast with your closest friends and family – what could possibly be better?

Entertain Your Heart Out

For small wedding entertainment ideas, consider splurging on a DJ, a wedding band, or a themed entertainer. You can also include a photo booth and customized cocktail station. The extra budget from a reduced headcount will allow you to go all out on entertainment.

If a more intimate setting speaks to you, consider a small wedding party. We are here to help every step of the way.

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