getting married in israel

Planning on getting married in Israel

We, at Bebke, believe that a wedding is an event that expresses who you are on such an exciting and intimate day. We would like to planning on getting married in Israel for you that is not one of many, but is unique and customized especially for you. The precise choices of each and every detail will connect and create the special, intimate and family-like ambience.  Musical editing, flavor selection, color and texture matching and the combination of little details, all add up to our secret recipe to making your wedding a great success.
Bringing everything together for you requires the skills of choosing the right vendors, as well as planning, matching and coordinating all the elements that make a special wedding. On top of all that, the wedding needs to match your budget and of course, your vision.

Bebke | Wedding planner and designer Israel

Planning on getting married in Israel

The experience and the networking that we have gained over the years allow our planning to be accurate and pleasant for you. The vendors have been selected after they had proved themselves professionally and personally; they put their heart into the product and supply it at reasonable prices. In order to save you time, we arrange meetings only with the vendor that from our experience will fit your personally and budget wise.

We get ideas and inspiration from the evolving world of design and are up to date with hottest trends in the fashion and food designing industries. We strive and search for an edge we can incorporate in your event. We build the event decor by combining many details that come together to tell one special story.  We brand, decorate, and choose specific elements that will create the ambiance and a multi-sensual experience.


The wedding preparations are a special and exciting time. From our very first meeting, we will accompany you through every step of the way and we will be there for every questions you may have. We will be your partners on this journey that will come to end on the wedding day itself.
We would love to embark on this magical journey with you, a journey full of laughter and love.



After we have translated your personal story to an organized plan, we wil start with locating the perfect venue. We will look all across Israel, and try to find a sutible location for your event. After we have chosen the perfect venue, will move on to choosing a caterer. We pick out a unique costumized menu, written and composed especially for you. We will learn how to connect  to you through our world of flavors during our face to face meetings.  We will make the right combinations between the meal and the drinks, while keeping in mind the concept of the wedding.


Your story will be reflected by the various detailed items decorating the venue. To this end, we plan a decor infrastructure  of the venue and decide how to brand the event.
Music is an integral part of the whole experience, and it will tell your story. We pick out the best fitting DJ and meticulously plan the music that will match the nature of the event.
And so the event comes to life, step by step, and all its little details come together to create a magical event.


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