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A one-day wedding is a complex project. In order to succeed it’s important to manage the project in the most professional possible manner. Choosing an experienced wedding planners who are truly service-oriented. We work hard to make your dreams a reality at the event and to awaken all the senses.
In order to succeed in bringing you, as you are, to a special wedding without compromising, and to hear the guests saying, “It was exactly you,” delights us each and every time.
Bebke is involved at every stage and detail, managing the complex process of creating a boutique event at the highest possible level.


The drinking and alcohol experience brings the advanced culinary world to your event, serving an entire world of flavors, enriching and creating a mood. This is a fabulous tool to create a different experience which is unique to your wedding and which speaks in its own language. It’s a way to create a colorful, rich experience, joining all the components of the event, whether through the style of service or the coordination with each course, with lots of fresh ingredients and creativity and most of all, with great thought to professional service which understands how to operate an event at the highest level – and with a smile.


With the help of food, it’s possible to bring people together and open hearts, and this is exactly our mission. To create a special experience which awakens the senses and leaves guests with a taste for more.
We aim to create a refreshing culinary world of colorful tastes and smells for every wedding and every couple, right down to the smallest details, together with creative, professional and personable service providers who love real, delicious food.
We think about all the details, large and small. Which dishes to serve every course, how the waiters will dress, and when and how the food will be served.
Which absolutely means you’ll never see chicken thighs and fried rice at one of our events.


Music is an inseparable part of the journey to a successful event. It builds a mood, awakens emotions, sweeps the guests away and tells your story. Bebke’s musical team build a musical line-up and offer music advice which specializes in integrating the music with the rest of the event, as an inseparable part of the whole experience which you desire and which you hope to bring to your guests.


For every event, we tell your unique story. We weave the experience through thousands of decorative details. We bring a variety of materials together to make your special story visible. The colors chosen for flowers, fabrics, and other materials, which create a message about who you are and design a story which is uniquely woven for your event. The design is authentic and connects to the theme of the wedding, the language, to the period, and to your own magical moment, combining to tell a once-in-a-lifetime story.


To succeed in creating an event in Israel and running it requires a professional staff who work quickly, skilfully, and efficiently. We understand well the complexity of the tasks involved and the need to complete everything efficiently and on time. Bebke’s staff is skilled and experienced in meeting goals and completing tasks so that everything is ready on time. They are the first to arrive and the last to leave the event, present throughout the event to provide efficient and creative solutions for every issue. Always with a smile, thrilled to be able to produce another special event.

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