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Nature Wedding Israel: Top Three Secrets Revealed

Insider advice to create an extraordinary event.

With my dream nature wedding taking place in Israel, a country that has mountains, lakes, rivers, beach and desert, I didn’t know where to begin. So, I turned to Bebke, event planners in Israel, to help lead me in the right direction. 

They provided me with three main questions that helped me visualize how to choose between outdoor wedding venues in Israel. 

1. When will your wedding take place?  

Israel has two main seasons. The first is winter, which lasts from late October to mid-March and the second is summer, which is from April through October. If you are considering having special events in Israel during the winter, prepare for the possibility of rain. The rainfall is heaviest from November through March.

This should greatly impact your decision about where and when to have your wedding. If you still considering winter weddings in Israel, make sure there is an indoor area or covering so you and your guests don’t get soaked!

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2. What kind of vibe do you want at your wedding?

With a wide range of terrains to choose from, Israel weddings can vary greatly. It all depends on what type of environment and feeling you plan to achieve. In terms of beach weddings, take a look into the public beaches of Nahariya, Israel’s northernmost coastal city.

For a magical Israel desert wedding, consider Mitzpe Ramon which is Israel’s “grand canyon.”

You can even get married in a romantic cave at Beit Guvrin National Park, outside of Bet Shemesh. If a forest, field or vineyard is closer to your dream, focus on the center and north of the country. A notable winery you must add to your list is Tishbi, found between Binyamina and Zichron Yaakov. This is one of the perfect small wedding venues in Israel.

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3. Who are your guests? 

Think about who will be invited to your wedding. If your guest list consists of an older crowd, sitting on cushions on the floor in the desert is not ideal. Also, if your wedding takes place on uneven or unpaved terrain, tell your guests in advance so they dress accordingly (no one wants their heels to get stuck in the ground!).

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Additionally, if there are many children invited, make sure that there is a designated area for them, so they don’t go off exploring. Depending on your wedding’s location, take into account how easy it is to travel to and the comfort of your guests.

This will greatly impact the outdoor wedding venues in Israel that you choose to host your special day.


If a nature wedding in Israel fits your vision, start planning today!

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