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Nature Wedding Ideas in Israel

What is more spectacular than getting married in nature? Here are some great location ideas...

There are numerous unique ways for you to celebrate love in Israel. If you’re planning to make a nature wedding ideas in Israel, make sure that your man already knelt and proposed. If yes, congratulation, you probably feeling too excited and this is the best time for you to plan your wedding day in Israel. Make sure to understand and gather all legal requirements to make your dream come true.


Nature Wedding Ideas in Israel

Truth to be told, Israel wedding industry offers diverse, exciting and amazing options. What really makes Israel the most attractive place in the world? It’s the mixture of culture, taste and smell. You can choose from the dessert, sea, garden, nature, big city and more; but majority of individuals prefer nature wedding because of its provided warmth and loving atmosphere. Below are some of the leading nature wedding venues in Israel:

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  1. Hotel Ein Gedi: Ein Gedi palm studded oasis desert serves as a great place to showcase affinity to the Earth. You can check their botanical garden that holds hundreds to thousands of plants that includes cacti, medicinal plants, tropical flora, baobab trees and Bible mentioned spices.

  2. Natural Park: You can host your big day in gazillions of unique and well maintained natural parks. You will directly have an environmental venue that provides breathtaking background for various celebrations. Rosh Ha Nikra chalk white cliffs and crusader fortress ruins nestled among ancient trees of the Hemed. Luckyly that the “Israel Nature and Park Authority” runs an English site where people can able to browse full list of their reserves and natural parks in Israel. If you’re planning to use reserve or natural parks, it’s highly recommended to employ a wedding planner. This professional individual will be the one to sort-out all needed logistics. There are great numbers of reputable wedding planner that have significant experience when it comes to outdoor type of event.

  3. Park: This serve as a much lighter wedding option to young couples who choose to get through with the festive day, but you will definitely leave your family and friends with amazing experience. This type of place will let you enjoy a pleasant and sunny day, white furniture, cold white wine, fresh breads, picnic baskets, spacious lawn and more. This will provide you a very relaxing atmosphere where every can be so happy and contented. You will truly treasure this once in a lifetime event.


When it comes to attire, let your girlfriends dress an “already owned gown”, this is much resourceful and fashionable. Such options serve as more appropriate in Israel since bridesmaid is significantly unheard of. The important thing is for you to enjoy that important day without having to spend a lot of money. Many people adore Israel, but you need to follow their regulations. Make sure to research about their wedding law and requirements to settle things smoothly. Hiring wedding planner is a big help since they will be the one who’s going to handle all needed papers. The only thing left for you is to attend and say I Do.

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