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Israeli Wedding Venues You Must See To Believe

A gorgeous landscape is worth a thousand words.

If there’s one thing that tops the checklist when it comes to wedding planning, it has to be Israeli wedding venues.

Israel is a fabulous destination for events and what better way to celebrate your love story than hosting a reception worth cherishing.

Whether you prefer the beauty of the countryside or you’d rather go old school with traditional religious settings, we have Israel wedding venues for everyone.

So get your pens and papers ready as we list our top six favorite locations to say “we do.”

Countryside Vineyards

A venue with a more modern day urban vibe are the beautiful vineyards around Israel. Situated far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you’ve got the perfect mix of modern day nature and contemporary style.

Here you’ll find stunning glimpses of the countryside overlooking the river. With a seating capacity of around 250 guests, your audience can join in on an exquisite wine tasting experience while swooning over this cozy romantic setting.

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Captivating Olive Groves

Situated in an area dense with the beauty of nature, captivating olive groves are a part of our top favorite Israeli wedding venues. With a glorious rooftop view, guests can not only enjoy architectural beauty but also relish organic goodness and a breath of fresh air.

With the capacity to hold up to 470 guests on average, the fascinating venue extends into a magical terrace that captivates the Old City beauty in its most regal charm. It’s the ultimate way to treat guests to a mesmerizing experience second to none.

Stunning Seashores

When you think of your special day, Al Hayam fits the Israeli wedding venue picture perfectly. From the refreshing breezes of the sea to the subtle soft music of the seashores, there’s nothing more romantic than a wedding alongside the sea. This location is your best bet towards turning an average wedding into something extraordinary as the cliff which overlooks the bay gives a feeling of surreal fantasy.

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Luxurious Hotels

Nothing says luxury and class better than a wedding venue held at a renowned and prestigious hotel. The perfect blend of luxury mixed with modern day art and design, there must be a reason Israel’s hotels are considered a popular favorite amongst famous personalities across the globe. Whether you choose to host your ceremony indoors or on the outskirts near the terrace, the fabulous Old City view is sure to make your wedding a standout for guests all over.

Seamless Villa Wedding

Villas are nothing short of serene views and soothing experiences. Treat your guests a level above them all by booking a grand villa that has the capacity to seat around 300 guests. You’ll find the Red Sea as well as the Red Mountains as your exotic picture backgrounds. It’s truly a mesmerizing experience.

חתונה קטנה

Dreamy Desert Wedding Israel

When you’ve got an extraordinary and picturesque venue, the process of exchanging vows at this graceful destination can never be forgotten. It’s an elaborate desert experience with the renowned Arava desert surrounding your special ceremony. Guests can wine, dine and wish you well while taking in the magnanimous beauty of nature.

Desert wedding 2

When it comes to wedding venues, there’s nothing greater than the beauty a country like Israel possesses. Ask your professional wedding planner to keep a lookout for destinations around the country that not only fit your sense of style but your budget too.

Take a tour of different Israel wedding venues and make your final decision after careful thought and exploration.

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