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Israeli Dishes Perfect For Every Jewish Wedding

Traditional Israeli dishes are absolutely delectable and enhance any wedding. They are famous for simple ingredients yet hearty flavors.

Weddings are more than just a celebration of love and the union of two souls. As any wedding guest will tell you, they are also about mouth-watering cocktails, endless buffets and Instagram-worthy dessert tables.

popular israeli dishes

If you want to stay true to Jewish tradition and give your guests a taste of your culture, you can treat them to a delicious Israeli dinner menu.

We have rounded up some tried, tested and loved recipes that will leave you craving some popular Israeli food.


This Jewish staple is simply potato pancakes or hash browns of sorts made with mashed or hand shredded potatoes. Traditionally served on Hanukkah, latkes can also be eaten throughout the year. Give the traditional latke a modern twist by substituting regular potatoes with sweet potatoes or customize the spice mix to your liking.

You can also add other ingredients for more flavor or transform the original recipe. Latkes can be an appetizer, main dish, or even a dessert by adding fruit compote, nuts, coconut shavings, etc.

Israeli Dishes


Brisket is deliciously flavorful meat that has been cooked in a roasting pan in an oven with simple seasonings such as salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, or parsley.

For a contemporary twist on this Israeli cuisine, customize your recipe with other flavors such as fruits or sauces.

What makes this all the more special is the amount of time it takes to cook, thereby allowing the meat to become juicy and tender. Brisket is a special Jewish dish that is served on holidays.


An extremely popular Israeli food, bourekas are a savory pastry that originated from the Balkans and found its way into other parts of Europe.

Each country has created their own customized version of the delicacy.

Filled with delicious fillings, these flaky triangles are little pockets of happiness that you can find in local Israeli restaurants or served with an Israeli breakfast.

With a variety of flavors, serve bourekas on your big day and delight your guests with this tasty Israeli cuisine.


A delicious casserole dish either served as dessert or a side dish, Kugel is as versatile as it is delectable. After eating this modern Israeli food filled with fruit, nuts, cheese, you will be asking for seconds.


They are essentially a thinly rolled fried or baked pancake filled with fruits, cheese or nuts. Blintzes can be stuffed with sweet or savory fillings depending on how you like it. Blintzes may be a familiar American food in Israel so your guests will know what to expect and line up for seconds and maybe even thirds!

Popular Israeli food will make any Jewish wedding one to remember.

Now that we have made you hungry, add these Israeli dishes to your wedding menu.

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