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Israeli Destination Wedding – Create a Fairytale

Planning a wedding in Israel is an incredible experience.

Imagine saying “I do” surrounded by Israel’s serene landscapes, exotic beaches, and delectable cuisine.

There’s just something magical about an Israeli destination wedding.

What better way of making your wedding memories last a lifetime than by tying the knot in a location bursting with history and culture.

To help make planning a wedding in Israel even easier, we’ve listed the top reasons why you should consider getting married here. I can tell you from personal experience, having a wedding in Israel is truly unforgettable.

Israeli destination wedding

Stunning scenery

Be it the mountains and waterfalls or serene parks and stunning desert, Israel offers a wide array of incredible locations. Surrounded by a rich and lively heritage, a wedding in Israel is really one-of-a-kind. Think about how gorgeous your wedding pictures can be with these breathtaking backdrops.

Intimate experience

If you happen to be amongst those who prefer to keep things toned down, intimate and private, Israel is your go-to for destination weddings. There are many small venues across Israel that are happy to host your big day. It’s exclusiveness at its best with Israel’s remote locations and luxurious villas.

planning a wedding in israel

Wedding planning professionals

The fact that Israel is such a popular destination for so many individuals around the globe, it’s no surprise that you’ll find top of the line wedding planners in this country. Choose from a handful of the best in the business who possess the desire, skill and experience necessary to elevate your wedding.

The sentimental meaning

Israel is an extremely important place – in both history and for the three major religions. If either of these aspects is signficant for you, Israel’s heritage and culture is second to none. That is what ticks most of the boxes at the top of our list.

wedding in israel

Cut down on those costs

Come wedding and holiday season, Israel is one of those few destinations that welcome guests with arms wide open. Israel offers significant discount packages in terms of airfare and hotel accommodation. With your loved ones surrounding you on your wedding day, you will feel like you are in a fairytale.

Perfect spot for honeymoon travels

Since you’re already at a beautiful foreign destination for your wedding, why not spend your honeymoon here too? Yes you heard that right, give you and your loved one a chance to relax and unwind in state-of-the-art luxury resorts. Wine and dine along the seashore or visit a nearby country-inspired vineyard for an experience fit for royals.

planning a wedding in israel

Above all, don’t forget to share your thoughts with your wedding planner. An experienced coordinatior will create a wedding in Israel fit for a queen.

If Israel sounds like a dream destination,  let’s get started.

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