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Israel Bride – The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Confessions of a true Israeli wedding.

Mazel tov! You finally said (or shrieked) yes, the ring fits perfectly and your Jewish mothers are now over the moon.

So, now what? If you are planning to become a bride in Israel, you may be wondering what to expect when getting married in the holy land and where to get married in Israel?

Will the ceremony look something like it does in the US? Do Israeli guests act the same at weddings as their American counterparts?

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As a bride in Israel myself, I have you covered. 

It’s a bit more informal

Although your Israeli wedding dress will be to the nines, it is very common for people in Israel to dress extremely informal. People feel comfortable showing up to a wedding wearing flip flops and jeans. Even Israel ladies can be caught wearing these type of outfits.

If this is not your jam as a bride (trust me, I understand) you must tell your guests in advance. You can write this explicitly on the invitation in Hebrew. Within your RSVP messaging service, make sure this is highlighted. You can also have your fiance’s family spread the word so no one looks they are ready to hit the beach after your ceremony.

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Timing is important

Unlike in the US, the biggest night for weddings in Israel is Thursday. If you are considering a Friday day affair, keep your guests in mind. If some are observant, it may be difficult for them to attend due to Shabbat preparations. Also, a major difference between weddings here and in the States is when the cocktail hour takes place. Referred to in Hebrew as “Kabbalat Panim,” hors d’oeuvres take place before the ceremony or “Chuppah.”

Most weddings in Israel are called for seven o’clock, with most guests arriving around seven thirty pm or later. This is mainly due to weddings taking place on workdays and the overall Israeli personality. Keep this in mind so you aren’t surprised if guests show up a bit late to your wedding.

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All about the envelopes

Although it may be a nice gesture, hardly any guests bring a physical gift to Israeli weddings. The easiest way to congratulate the bride and groom is to give an envelope with a check or cash inside. There is a safe or “kuppah” set up at the entrance of the venue.

If guests didn’t have time to write out their check or arrange their envelope, they can do it here. There are usually envelopes and pens laid out on the table, for this exact purpose. Confirm with your venue beforehand that this type of display will be set up.

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