getting married in israel

Getting Married in Israel

Planning to to get married in Israel? 6 Tips you need to know

As people think of wedding, they instantaneously think about love. However getting married in Israel, there are some things that you need to consider apart from having the right partner. You also need to note if you can able to get married in the country, by whom and how. Dress, color scheme and more are just some of the tiniest details you need to put forward to. Bear in mind that Israeli marriages is a “religious matter” whether your Muslin, Druze, Jewish or Christian. The said state only recognizes marriage performed by at least one authority if you’re coming from other country.


Getting Married in Israel

The “Rabbinical authorities in Israel” will expect local orthodox “Beth Din” to authorise the couple who is entitled to getting married in Israel. The “London Beth Din” will issue certificate that you can present to rabbinate of Israel, stating that you’re Jewish, eligible and single to get married. For you to obtain a “Marriage Abroad Certificate”, you need to send the following important documents listed below, to London Beth Din -305 Ballards Lane North Finchley London, N12 8GB.

  1. Provide covering letter that stating when and where you are getting married, along with your Hebrew name if you know. Also provide basic contact details and if whether you wish your certificate to be “posted” or be available for “collection”.

  2. Submit photocopy of your Parents’ Ketubah -Jewish Marriage Certificate.

  3. Submit photocopy of full birth certificate that shows both parents names.

  4. Provide either letter from “Orthodox Rabbi” that confirms that they personally know you and that you are actually a Jewish and single. You can also acquire two Jewish witnesses, non-relations, who known you for at least 5 years. They need to be willing to attend an appointment with “London Beth Din” to testify that you are really single.

  5. Submit 3 passport photographs.

  6. Pay a Cheque for the sum of £60 per person for US Members while £100 per person for non US Members. Thi8s needs to be made payable to USKB. Bear in mind that “Israeli Rabbinate” expect all couples to attend a “Marriage Enhancement Program”.

חתונה בחצר בית

Once settled, this is the best time to plan your wedding. You can choose from The “Mercaz Shimshon”, serves to be a spectacular venue which is located in the center of Jerusalem. These only take some minutes away from the Western Wall. The real and artistic architectural rooftop sensation opened last 2001 as the continuation of the Beit Shmuel. This holds fascinating terrace and hall design that overlook David’s Citadel and Old City. Since the place is quite big, this can host over 460 guests. Wedding in such romantic and authentic place will definitely leave your family and guests thunderstruck by spirituality and elegancy.

חתונה באזור תל אביב

You may also consider the King David Hotel; this had been established in 1920’s and serves as the oldest and reputable hotel in Israel. The place played an essential role in the history of the country, from the foundation and up to now. This place is only walking distance from Western Wall. Wedding can be celebrated in one of their outdoor terraces that overlook the “Old City”.

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