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Lauren and Daniel
Bebke call themselves wedding planners to try and hide the fact that they are really superheroes! There is absolutely nothing you both cannot do! We have said it so many times before but we are saying it again... we ♥️ you guys!
Mor and Rotem
After a quick search online, we came to pictures of Bebke’s events.  Pictures from so many events, but every single event was unique and special, and then, scrolling through the site, we came to the sentence: “For special couples who want a different kind of wedding.”  Bingo!
Efi and Nizan
there are no words to express how much fun it was and how grateful we are to you for putting in all the effort that you did, for your creative solutions, the love and professionalism you brought to the job
Oren and Eynat
Bebke managed to turn all our ideas into reality, and produced from our thoughts the perfect wedding for the two of us. We feel so blessed to have experienced this unforgettable event, even though we were skeptical initially that we’d really be able to pull it off, and without Bebke, we both know it would never have happened.
Shiran and Nadav
You are without a doubt the best choice we made when it comes to our wedding. Thank you again for the most perfect event, which we will never forget. :) I fell in love with Bebke at first sight. All it took was a quick visit to your site to know that this was what I wanted – a special event, designed around a personal concept which represented us as a couple.
Hila and Tamir
The main feeling was that we had someone to depend on, that we weren’t alone, that there was someone to look out for our interests and make sure that the wedding would make our exact dream come true, no less than we would have ourselves. During the wedding itself, we walked around proud, happy, and relaxed, knowing that the event was all about us and who we are, more than we could have imagined, and all thanks to Bebke
Michal and Yotam
Bebke, we adored you from first sight and stayed in love until the very end of the process. We couldn’t have chosen anyone better than you; thanks for everything – for a once-in-a-lifetime event – we’re so happy we did it with you. We’re lucky that we still have memories of the event and pictures as a souvenir. :-)
Gilad and Ayelet
It was important to us to have a professional company, that works with variety of vendors, and that plan and manage the event itself. Of course, the design was one of the most important things for us as well.
Noa and Ofir
First of all, and most important, everything was PERFECT!  Everything unfolded like clockwork, everything looked drop-dead gorgeous!  Special and different, a little urban, totally chic, a little natural, out in the vineyard. We felt like we were hanging out in our favorite pubs close to home, the mood was great, and most important, cool and light. Everything was perfectly synchronized: the food, the location, the mood, the music, the bar, the vineyard, the branding! We felt like we’d entered a world which belonged entirely to us!
Shiran and doron
My greatest worry was that we’d be just another couple making just another wedding. Another wedding created along the same tedious creative lines as every other wedding. We didn’t know how to step outside of the monotony, until we received a recommendation – looking back, a gleaming, precious recommendation – for Bebke.
Mira and Shlomi
We came to Bebke in the hope of finding someone to help us create the wedding we’d dreamed of and which would be completely “us” - and that’s exactly what happened!
Uri and Michal
"Our beautiful Babkes! Words cannot describe how much talent, love, soul and emotional intelligence you put into our special day. We were privileged to use the service of super- producers."
Hila & Ron
All my dreams came true at reasonable prices that I felt comfortable with! The most important details of the banquet, the set and the smallest designs like the printouts, the miniature flag decorations and the crystal glasses- everything was great.
Meir and Amalia
We wanted a wedding customized to our requests and wishes, a one of a kind wedding.The result was beautiful
Galia & Eli
"They planned an AMAZING wedding for us! The most original and unique event you can ask for, but also very elegant and at the highest standard! The décor, the details and the hosting of our guests- everything was perfect!..."
Yael and Oren
"The wedding décor was amazing. She completely understood my taste. Everybody couldn’t stop complimenting the wedding and saying how magical and beautiful it was. In conclusion, I warmly recommend her services!..."
Ortal and Daniel
", it was an amazing journey that came to an end at the great ceremony. After meeting with several wedding production companies I warmly recommend Bebke..."
Yael and Ron
"The wedding was amazing, just as we had hoped. A kind of warm Balkan celebration, mixed with a clean and minimalistic touch. Starting with the location and ending with the last of napkins - we loved everything."
Nati and Tzipi Recommend
Inbar's was very professional and graceful while dealing with all the vendors, and she always kept our interests in mind. All of that, just so the results will be to our satisfaction. And it was.

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