So what do you actually do?

In BEBKE we create weddings for special couples who wish to marry as they are, while saving time and costs.
For couples who choose to work with us, we take care of all wedding details; from finding the perfect location to coordinating suppliers and all the way to providing our own unique magical design.

Do you also only design events?

If you like our style and it is what you are looking for then, yes, absolutely! (click to see our gallery)
We take pride in our designs, which are featured in design blogs in Israel and abroad.

Are you well organized?

Because every wedding we plan includes more than 350 separate tasks, we’ve developed a project management system exactly like those used by high-tech companies. This way, we divide up the tasks among employees.

To be frank are also a bit OCD on the smallest detail, so if you are looking for a pro that will not forget anything.

give us a call 🙂

What do you mean, saving time?

Couples who turn to us are – for the most part – super-busy. Over the years, we’ve developed a technique which saves couples both time and money, making the process easy and even enjoyable.

We gather as much information as possible from you, getting to know you as if you where our best friend, and that way, we can match you up with various service providers for the closest fit possible.
Working with us, you’ll get only the information that’s relevant to your wedding. And long before you have to make any decisions, we will have checked out costs for you in the market of service providers who are best suited to your wedding.

For couples coming from abroad we’ve developed a system which works for you, concentrating all meetings with service providers, over a period of only two or three days, we’ll introduce you to all the relevant service providers and we’ll travel to look at venues.

A small tip from Bebke, coming to Israel without intensive work and setting up concentrated meetings could conceivably waste a lot of time and money, and even require additional visits. We prefer that your trip remain yours – a time to simply enjoy being in Israel.


Do you also work with halls and other wedding venues?

Of course! If you want to make absolutely sure that your wedding won’t look like a thousand other weddings held in the same location, this is one of the things we love doing most – stepping out of the box and figuring out how to create an extraordinary event in a hall or other space. This doesn’t just mean design – it also means providing service of the highest level, building a menu that’s perfectly coordinated to your tastes, and a whole lot of other details that are incredibly important to you (and less so to the hall itself).

Is a Bebke style wedding right for every couple?

For sure, no.
Not every couple clicks with what we’re doing.
Not every couple needs the level of service we provide.
We recommend reading the recommendations of couples on our site and looking through the gallery of events to see if this type of event truly speaks to you.

Do you specialize in weddings for couples from outside of Israel?

At Bebke, we specialize in providing the highest possible level of service, clear communication, transparency, and attention to the tiniest details. That’s probably why couples come to us from all over the world. One of our deepest passion is to show off the most beautiful side of Israel to you and your guests.

What does your service include?

Bebke is your friend in Israel and we never say no to any request…

we take care of you from A to Z, from flight arrangements and accommodations as needed by you or your guests, to finding the perfect location, the greatest food, the ideal music for your event and its theme, right down to the tiniest details like finding a makeup artist and preparing welcome baskets for your guests.

Can you arrange accommodations for our guests?

As an authorized agent of most hotel chains in Israel, we do our best to find you the best prices while saving you the headache of arranging accommodations, providing everything you need in real time.

Can I ask you a question?

Of course. We feel like it’s our mission to help couples from outside of Israel get married here,

even if you’re not marrying using our service!

we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.
The best way to get in touch with us is through WhatsApp or call at +972-54-4669660.