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Destination Wedding in Israel

How to do it right?

Having a destination wedding in Israel may seem like something that is not going to take much work at all. However, when you factor in all of the cultural differences it can take you months to plan your dream wedding even with the help of a wedding planner in Israel.

For centuries, Israel has been one of the most significant places for Jewish people. Because of this, having a destination wedding in Israel has a momentous meaning. Well, for those who want to be wed here because of spiritual religious reasons anyways.

Israel is also the place where the East and West meet, where clear skies are available eight months each year, and where talented landscapers can be found within a two-hour drive.

Therefore when people think about having an exotic, fun, and spiritual experience a destination wedding in Israel is the first thing that pops into their minds. Others like the idea because they want to visit with their relatives in Israel so they have their wedding organizer in Israel assist them with a family reunion too.

Destination Wedding in Israel

Having a destination wedding in Israel allows you to step out of your norm because you experience things that you are not familiar with. It is also semi-easy too, because there are many similarities when it comes to the Jewish traditions. In this article today, we will cover some of the things you want to consider before deciding on a destination wedding in Israel in addition to what to expect.

Destination Wedding in Israel

Choosing the Location Will Be Hard; There Are So Many Amazing Places

There are varieties of different beautiful and functioning synagogues in Israel for you to choose for your destination wedding location. The best part is you will find most will match your desires and prayer styles. However, you may run into the issue of the Gabbai not being familiar with holding a wedding so it is ideal to make sure you have a wedding organizer in Israel who can assist you.

If you really want your special day to be unique, consider having your ceremony in the ruins of one of Israel’s ancient synagogues. Some of the popular ones are Birya forest and Baraam. In order for this to take place, your wedding planner in Israel is going to have to make sure you have a skilled production company.

Alternatively, you can have a destination wedding in Israel “the Israeli way”. This way you can have a ceremony, dinner, and a party. Your location options are limitless yet if you are traveling far you probably want to make sure you are in an exclusive location.

Jerusalem has some great places such as Esh Hatora, which rooftop overlooks the Kotel and Tel Aviv has some beaches that will definitely provide you with the original wedding experience that you desire.

Wedding Stuff

Keep in mind that you have to abide by the Jewish laws regarding the sunset. The sunset signals that a ceremony has to be 30 minutes before or after the sunset. Therefore, you want to make sure that your wedding planner in Israel has an exact time for your destination wedding in Israel agreed upon with your rabbi so you can make sure that your guests arrive on time.

The Ceremony

When you decide to have a destination wedding in Israel, you will have a religious ceremony instead of a civil ceremony. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your wedding organizer in Israel has a licensed Orthodox Rabbi conducting your ceremony. This Orthodox rabbi has a certain protocol that he has to follow to make sure the ceremony is done in ordinance with Jewish laws. Also, keep in mind that if your wedding guests are going to be coming outside of Israel you are going to have to register 45-90 days before your wedding. Your wedding organizer in Israel is probably going to recommend that you get started with this ninety days before you ceremony.

In order to do what is required to get the certificates you have to make contact with your local congregation Rabbi and they will tell you which documents they need to get you the certificates.

General Requirements

  1. Your parents Jewish Marriage Certificate
  2. Your birth certificate which includes both of your parents’ names
  3. A letter from an Orthodox Rabbi stating that he vouches that you are Jewish and single
  4. Two non-family Jewish witnesses who you have known for five years or more
  5. Three passport photos
  6. Payment for the certificate

In the event that you want your congregation rabbi to wed you, you have to formally request to have so done to the Rabbanut who will see if they are authorized to do so.

Israel bride and groom

What Not to Wear

If you are marrying an Israeli, you are going to have put up with the informal attitude guests will have towards their dress code. However, keep in mind that despite the cultural difference you want to make sure that you have some of your origin wedding traditions in it so your destination wedding in Israel can be unique.

When planning your wedding with your wedding organizer in Israel it is important to make sure that all details are gone over in full since there are so many cultural differences and customs. You want to discuss the number of seats you want, how long each course will extend, the decor, and the order of your ceremonies.

It is suggested that you hire a wedding planner in Israel however if you do not it is ideal for you to do business with English speaking vendors so planning can be easier. However, a wedding planner is highly recommended because it helps you make sure that everything has been planned out as desired for your special day.

There is More Than Just the Main Event

Usually, weddings focus on the bride and the groom. However, with a destination wedding you also have to focus on the guests who come from abroad to attend. Their accommodations, transportation, and well-being all have to be focused on before it is time for them to arrive. This is especially true if this is their first time coming to Israel.

You may want to take your guests on a tour so they can see places such as Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, or Galilee. You also want to make sure you have a list of recommendations for places that they may like to visit on their own or sightsee. You want to make sure that all of your wedding related events are memorable for them too.

White Destination Wedding

Closing Thoughts

When you decide to have a destination wedding in Israel you will find that the experience is one that is truly amazing. You will want to make sure that you travel to Israel at least once, preferably six to nine months, before your wedding so you can check out the hotels and vendors to insure that you and your guests have the best experience possible.

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