Yael and Ron recommendations

Romantic Villa Wedding in Israel (translated from Hebrew)

Yael and Ron recommendations

Wedding couple Yael and Ron recommendations Bebke:

“1. Before the wedding we knew very clearly that we wanted our wedding to be different. But of course, this is a well- known cliché, and eventually all weddings look exactly the same.

2. Thanks to Facebook’s marketing methods I came across an advertisement of “Bebke” just at the right time and it automatically caught my eye.

3. I immediately understood that this is something else, people who know how to tell a story and paint it with colors.

4. All the preparations and planning were so challenging and fun. We were so happy to be involved in the design planning and enjoyed the final result, which completely reflected our love and matched our taste.

5. The wedding was amazing, just as we had hoped. A kind of warm Balkan celebration, mixed with a clean and minimalist touch. Starting with the location and ending with the last of napkins – we loved everything, especially the finishing and little details that excited everyone.”

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