Shiran and Doron recommend

Shiran and Doron recommend

My greatest worry was that we’d be just another couple making just another wedding.
Another wedding created along the same tedious creative lines as every other wedding.  We didn’t know how to step outside of the monotony, until we received a recommendation – looking back, a gleaming, precious Shiran and Doron recommend – for Bebke.

We called them.  “Hearts,” “butterflies,” “happiness,” “excitement” – these are the first words we heard from the other end of the line.  We worried that we were about to get diabetes from all the sweetness, but then we met up with this energetic creator, creative, with big blue eyes and lots of positive energy.

Bebke!  Immediately, they started to peel away our doubts and help us weave, together, the wedding of our dreams.  We wanted something that integrated classical elegance but which would be special.  Not cloying, not too ornate, but which would be impressive.

After we’d defined the mood, we started to think about practical details, while trying with all our might to stay within our budget, a particularly challenging task.

Bebke bent over backwards to be available for every whim, dealt with every unforeseen event, and truly and completely made us believe that anything was possible.

Starting with helping us choose a wonderful location on the most sought-after date of the year (the night before the elections!), making a match with the number-one caterers, a solution to creative service in a way that best suited the character of the event, projectors to create a mood on the walls, and even resolved a small crisis – which it turned out nobody particularly cared about except me 🙂 – that according to Jewish custom, we couldn’t eat fish and meat on the same plate, so we’d need two plates for every guest (the complicated lives of former religious people!).  Of course, Bebke fixed it all and in the best, most relaxing, and pleasant way possible.

All the suppliers who worked with us through Bebke clicked with us – they were excellent, special, and perfect for our event.  Classic with a twist.  Flexible with lots of willingness to please.  And they were also good people.  It was so much fun to work with them.  They even called from a TV show asking to document all the preparations.  True story!  (We declined politely.)

The wedding day arrived and everything went smoothly.  When we arrived at the hall, we were in shock.  Truly surprised.  The hall was perfect!  Gorgeous, like a bride.

Bebke surpassed all our expectations.  And we definitely had expectations.  They took care of all the little details at a microscopic level.  Seating cards in the shape of ballots, a safe in the shape of cards, and a ton more little details you might not have thought about which were an inseparable part of the event and which enriched the entire experience.

God is in the details.  The wedding was extraordinary.  A combination of Old Israel and the best of Tel Aviv as it once was.  Nostalgia, romance, and innocence.  The complements didn’t stopped coming on the wedding day and even afterwards.

“It’s like something in a movie,” “Amazing wedding,” “I’ve been to lots of weddings, but never to one like this.”  I felt like we managed to tell our own story.  Which is, of course, Bebke’s motto.

We recommend Bebke with all our heart,

Sharon and Doron

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