Ortal and Daniel recommendations

Summer Picnic Wedding in Israel (translated from Hebrew)

Ortal and Daniel recommendations

My wife and I wanted to have a special event that expressed ourselves; we tried so many options until we finally met Inbar. We started at Easywood but we didn’t really connect to the places they showed up and mainly to their general approach. We realized that in order to have the event we wanted we would need professional help.
Luckily our path led to Bebke, and right at our first meeting we knew that we were in good hands.
Apart from the amazing people, it was clear that we had chosen a professional company that knows the job. They listened to our vision of the perfect wedding and step by step brought it to reality.
They took care of everything; very patiently they found a solution to any problem that arose. Honestly, we barely had to do anything.
In short, it was an amazing journey that came to an end at the great ceremony. After meeting with several wedding production companies I warmly recommend Bebke.

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