Oren and Eynat recommendations

Oren and Eynat recommendations

When we got engaged and started thinking about what kind of wedding we wanted, and what kind of event would fit us best, we really doubted we’d actually manage to create an event that was different and unique, which would truly manage to be special for us and for our guests. Oren and Eynat recommendations Bebke wedding product company.

As a couple who isn’t exactly “young,” we’d already experienced, along with all our friends, an infinite procession of weddings over the past few years, and we came to our own wedding at a different stage in life from most married couples.

From the moment we started planning our wedding, it was clear that we wanted an extraordinary wedding, from every possible perspective, and that we hoped to create a unique event which truly suited us and our guests.

We wanted to find an out-of-the-ordinary spot to hold the wedding, a place that would provide a different kind of experience for us and for our guests.

Beyond the location, we wanted to create a higher-level dining experience, a different musical experience for our event and we had a few other criteria that were important to consider as part of the event.


It was obvious to us that we wouldn’t be able to create an event like this on our own, and that even if we tried, it would take far too much of our own time.

Which is why, on a friend’s recommendation, we turned to Bebke.

Right away, at the first meeting, we felt a connection and a strong shared “vibe.”

Inbar and Gav read our minds, and immediately connected with our direction, and managed even at that first meeting to pitch some special directions and ideas, way more out of the box than other weddings we’d experienced.

Beyond that, the natural, real style and their preparation, which seemed less typical of production teams (in our experience) connected us to Inbar and Gav on a very personal level, even at that first meeting, and we knew that Bebke was absolutely the best choice we could have made.


Oren and Eynat recommendations

We continued having meetings, at Inbar’s initiative, dealing with each item at the right time – choosing the place (which Inbar, of course, took care of on our behalf, going over every potential site and going over with us whether it was an appropriate location for the event we wanted to create), choosing the right caterer and menu, tasting, design meetings, and much, much more.

Every issue was dealt with at the perfect time, without any pressure or keeping us busy with too many things at once, to help us make decisions and ensure exactly the best results.

Without Inbar and Gev’s leadership, without their experience, without their insight, and without their keen instincts about anything and everything connected with the wedding and various suppliers, we simply wouldn’t have been able to create a process which was this efficient, organized, comfortable, and most importantly, which would achieve the best results in the most comfortable, simplest, and lowest-stress way possible.

At the end of the day, everything came together so far beyond our wildest imagination.

The setting and location were absolutely perfect for us.

The design of the location was astonishingly unique, as only the most skilled staff, like the team at Bebke, are able to create, and of course, it was absolutely perfectly suited to the atmosphere we’d dreamed of creating in the location and the event.

The dining experience, similarly, was on the highest possible level, way beyond our expectations, as were the bar, the music, and all the other components of the event.

But beyond all that, the entire event functioned – as far as we were concerned – completely on autopilot.


All the work dealing with suppliers, starting from managing the event to the issue of payments, was handled by the Bebke staff, who took care that we wouldn’t be tied up with these kinds of details on our special wedding day.

Bebke managed to turn all our ideas into reality, and produced from our thoughts the perfect wedding for the two of us.

We feel so blessed to have experienced this unforgettable event, even though we were skeptical initially that we’d really be able to pull it off, and without Bebke, we both know it would never have happened.



Of course, from our guests’ reactions, we know they were similarly blown away, and for weeks afterward, they were letting us know how special and out-of-the-ordinary it had been, and how our wedding had been one of the most fun and special events they’d ever experienced.

And most important of all, those are our feelings exactly – feelings that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.


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