Noa and Ofir recommendations

Noa and Ofir recommendations

Now that we’ve recovered… 🙂
We wanted to say thank you so, so, so much.
First of all, and most important, everything was PERFECT!  Everything unfolded like clockwork, everything looked drop-dead gorgeous!  Special and different, a little urban, totally chic, a little natural, out in the vineyard. Noa and Ofir recommendations strong Bebke services for organizing wedding in Israel.

We felt like we were hanging out in our favorite pubs close to home, the mood was great, and most important, cool and light.

Everything was perfectly synchronized: the food, the location, the mood, the music, the bar, the vineyard, the branding!

We felt like we’d entered a world which belonged entirely to us!

We got all kinds of comments from guests at the location, with praise, or in phone conversations, mainly about the light, easy mood, and so many of them used the word “cool” and about its direction – so that was excellent!

Lots of them talked about the design, the location, the uniqueness, how different it was from other weddings they’d been to recently.

They were also amazed that we were the most relaxed, not at all under any stress…

They said that the music was powerfully loud 🙂 and that Gal is the champion of champions!

They said it was so “us” – that it sounded like we’d chosen the playlist ourselves (which was true 🙂 ), and that it looked like the places we’d come from, the alcohol we drink, the food we order at Ouzeria and Machneyuda… the branding and the jars were so Noa, and being out in the fields of the vineyard was so Ofir, everything produced to perfection…

Amen, and you should only continue on to even greater success!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again

Ofir and Noa Shaked 🙂

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