Nati and Tzipi Recommendations

Nati and Tzipi Recommendations

Nati and Tzipi Recommendations:
“It all started with a Facebook ad. We entered Bebke’s website and it was clear that we had found exactly what we were looking for. After browsing the website extensively, viewing pictures and descriptions, it was clear to us that we wanted a special and different wedding that matches who we are.

From the first meeting with Inbar it was obvious that we were in good hands. Inbar listened to our every whim and helped us reach the right combination that tied the guests, the place, the food, and the atmosphere all together.

Inbar’s was very professional and graceful while dealing with all the vendors, and she always kept our interests in mind. All of that, just so the results will be to our satisfaction. And it was.

Inbar and the Bebke staff did an amazing job.

Our wedding included very different kinds of guests. It was a great challenge to create an event that respects all types of guests and makes everyone feel comfortable. Bebke managed to create this kind of an event naturally while maintaining a meticulous and elegant design.

The venue was magical. Far beyond what we imagined. Everything was designed meticulously with an emphasis on the smallest details. The special seating, the arrangement of the nonstandard food stands, the alternative accessorized furniture, truly everything was breathtaking.

Our guests were constantly enthusiastic.

Big Thanks to Inbar and the Bebke team for making our most important day joyful and gorgeous.

We recommend Bebke,

Nati, Tzipi, and Sheri (Tzipi’s mom).”

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