Mor and Rotem recommendations

Mor and Rotem recommendations

Hi, sweet Inbar!
Our wedding… where to start?  What’s absolutely certain is that we wanted something special.  That’s how we started out talking about the wedding.
This is Mor and Rotem recommendations for Bebke wedding production company, personaly.

We didn’t know exactly what we wanted, we didn’t exactly have a specific vision, but we knew that it had to be different and special.  Big words, but not exactly clear.

After a quick search online, we came to pictures of Bebke’s events.  Pictures from so many events, but every single event was unique and special, and then, scrolling through the site, we came to the sentence:

“For special couples who want a different kind of wedding.”  Bingo!


We felt like this was it, despite the fact that we were still at the preliminary stages of searching, and we decided to set up a meeting.

Love at first sight is the sentence that describes the situation best.

Inbar and Gav went with us through the lengthy process through which they managed to learn about us and together, we created a unique atmosphere that we’d fantasized about creating on that day.

It wasn’t as easy as it sounds, and there were lots of changes along the way, but their patience, creativity, and openness led us to the precise concept.


But how in fact do you create the magical atmosphere we’d only talked about?

That is the question that wouldn’t stop running through my mind until the moment I walked into the location on the day of the wedding.  They had simply done it – perfectly!  It was like magic!

They had created the mood by paying attention to the tiniest details, and you couldn’t miss it.  There’s no doubt that they simply know their stuff!

Our guests couldn’t stop complimenting us and most important was that we felt at home, and this made our enjoyment utterly complete!

To summarize, if you want to enjoy the journey and utterly enjoy your event, Bebke is absolutely your best choice.

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