Mira and Shlomi recommendations

Mira and Shlomi recommendations

We came to Bebke in the hope of finding someone to help us create the wedding we’d dreamed of and which would be completely “us” – getting married in a place where we could be connected to nature, in an afternoon wedding which would be a happy, colorful festival – and that’s exactly what happened!
Mira and Shlomi recommendations Bebke production services for weddings in Israel.

Inbar helped us choose an amazing spot and professional people and accompanied us throughout the entire process and in every detail.

All that hard work paid off, and on the wedding day, our breathing stopped when we got to the location and saw the event we’d dreamed of, now a reality before our eyes.

At Bebke, they took care of every single detail and turned the location to a true celebration.  The only thing they left for us to do was to relax and enjoy the whole thing. 🙂

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