Michal and Yotam recommend

Michal and Yotam recommend

Michal and Yotam recommend our friends at Bebke,
We wanted a wedding we could say was ours, which would preserve an intimate family mood while mixing in our dearest friends. The atmosphere of a bar, without assigned seats, in a place that was open and surrounded by nature, with a colorful design, spectacular but not artificially “different.” Happy food, lovely stalls that would present light portions chosen specifically so they’d come before the dancing but leave you with your stomach and soul ready to dance. An egalitarian chuppah that was uniquely ours, wrapped in love, design, and happiness. Alcohol and music that would make everyone feel happy before the party and let everyone fly high in the air.

Michal and Yotam recommend

We knew we were looking for something new. We’d been to many weddings in recent years in gardens and halls and we wanted to be outside – in nature, but with a reasonable budget. We came to Bebke after an article about a wedding which they’d produced in a vineyard near Mazkeret Batya which had had a design that was fabulous, happy and right in the heart of nature; it hooked us and we made an appointment.
We took a blank page and filled it with ideas and dreams and then we drove from Beer Sheva to Even Yehuda for our first meeting with Gav. Everything meshed, it was easy – Gav immediately bonded with us, took our ideas and improved them – and right away we understand that we’d hit the jackpot, choosing a pair of designers, dreamers, and creators who were exactly right for us, who’d float our ideas high in the air. We set up another meeting to get down to business, and this time Inbar joined in as well, and everything clicked – their infectious enthusiasm, the glint in their eyes, the flow of ideas and dreams – open, easy, the bar atmosphere, the little portions – made us feel confident that we’d broken the mold.
During the rest of the planning process, we went out to choose a site with Gav that would suit our imagination and our budget and that’s how we came to the herb farm – a place natural and open enough to contain every “idea tree” that had started flowering with Bebke. It was their metaphor originally. 🙂
We’re the kind of people who love to be involved – very much so. 🙂 But we held back a little bit and gave Inbar free rein; it wasn’t always easy because we had to have faith and imagination, and sometimes even more, along with flexibility. Plans are designed on paper but then once you’re in the field, changes start to take place, but the whole way, we had a lot of open conversations, we connected very much with the style, love, and energy of Bebke.


The event was the summit, but the journey to get there was no less important and it was incredibly fun. 🙂 Inbar and Gav were there for us 100% and that gave us the confidence to give them free rein and do what they knew and loved and the results in the field were absolutely incredible.
The event itself was amazing. Before we’d seen what Bebke had set up, we went out into nature with our photographers, who somehow managed to help us go with the flow, with lots of laughter, into romantic poses we’d thought we’d never do in our lifetime. 🙂
We came back from the photography session feeling a lot lighter and ready to see the location.
We arrived excited and curious. It was amazing to see the Fantastic Mr. Fox setup, so elaborate but not at all forced, colorful, light, inviting – we didn’t have a chance to enjoy all the tiny details because just then our guests started to arrive.
When the bus of friends arrived – the evening was underway, a mix of guests, family, and friends – Inbar, with her characteristic gentleness and smile, managed the various suppliers for us, still in her professional overalls from the day of setup. 🙂
Ofer came and we moved on to signing the ketubah, after which there were speeches from the parents, videos of friends and family and then we moved on to the chuppah which was emotional, sad and happy all at the same time. We held the ceremony on the wooden deck, and right after breaking the glass (with dizzying success 😉 ), the calm, loving, and emotional mood of the ceremony turned into a party energy which lasted late into the night.


The event simply flew by. An event which was planned in minute detail for months unfolded in one completely special evening, throughout which everything was carefully coordinated by Bebke until the last of the guests left.
We woke up the next day with throbbing legs, a slight headache which some Advil and coffee took care of, but glowing with happiness. We couldn’t have imagined it otherwise, and only wished we could experience it all over again – this time as guests with time for the little details of the event. 🙂
The enthusiasm and energy even reached our guests, friends and family who absolutely adored the mood, the design, who got emotional right along with us, danced like mad and throughout the entire weekend called us to see if we’d recovered yet, and to tell us how perfectly the event had suited the two of us.


Bebke, we adored you from first sight and stayed in love until the very end of the process. We couldn’t have chosen anyone better than you; thanks for everything – for a once-in-a-lifetime event – we’re so happy we did it with you.
We’re lucky that we still have memories of the event and pictures as a souvenir. 🙂

Yotam and Michal
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