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A Winter Banquet Wedding in Israel (translated from Hebrew)

“Babke he said/ she said:

She: Ron and I lived in china while we were planning our wedding, and with out Babke nothing would have been possible! I was looking for a production company that would be my hands and feet in Israel, and that’s exactly what they were!
Inbari is charming, professional and assertive. She has so much knowledge in her field; she knows things that no one tells you go on before and after the event.
He: Making Hila happy with the help of Babke- that’s my personal victory.

She: “The whole planning process with Bebke was fun and relaxed. It went exactly as I dreamt it would (I can’t imagine how it would have gone is I had to deal with everything myself). All my dreams came true at reasonable prices that I felt comfortable with! The most important details of the banquet, the set and the smallest designs like the printouts, the miniature flag decorations and the crystal glasses- everything was great.

He: Even my wildest dreams came true. There was a snow machine!!!

She: And to the most important thing, we didn’t have to worry about a thing! It was crucial that from the moment we land, about a week before the wedding, we wouldn’t have to hear even a squeak from the suppliers… No problems in coordination- nothing, we just had to kick back and relax.
And that’s exactly how it was because Bebke took care of everything. We had an unforgettable wedding. The production was complicated but everything was completely on-cue.

He: The dream wedding- no more words necessary

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