Hila and Tamir recommendations

Hila and Tamir recommendations

We’d always dreamed of a relatively intimate wedding, almost like being at home, but still elegant, high-quality, and with lots of little touches. Hila and Tamir recommendations Bebke wedding production company.

We wanted our guests to enjoy a fun Friday-afternoon wedding, which would include, primarily, good food, special cocktails, and great music.  That’s how we came up with the idea of a villa wedding.

While we were searching online for anything related to weddings in a villa or out-of-the-ordinary weddings, and meeting with producers who all felt like they didn’t understand us and our dream fully, we came to the Bebke site.

On the site, we noticed that just a few months before, they’d produced a wedding which looked simply amazing.  We were very impressed and decided it was worth setting up a meeting.

Hila and Tamir recommendations

After the first meeting, it was clear that we’d come to the right place.

After about an hour and a half of questions, getting to know us and trying to understand what our dream was, a meeting in which we managed to provide only the vaguest of responses, Inbar shocked us by presenting her vision for our wedding – taking into consideration everything we’d told her.  That vision took our dreams two giant steps forward.

And suddenly, the dream took flight and actually seemed doable.  The results, of course, surpassed any possible dream.



Bebke stayed with us the whole way – starting from choosing the dress design, through selecting suppliers and dealing with them directly, creating a unique menu adapted to the concept we’d created for our guests and of course for ourselves, sewing beautiful runners for the tables, fixing a dress which tore from too much dancing and partying (true story – there’s nobody like you, Gev!), invitation design, all the way through to “turning off the lights” at the end of the party.

Producing a wedding with Bebke is the perfect experience.



The main feeling was that we had someone to depend on, that we weren’t alone,

that there was someone to look out for our interests and make sure that the wedding would make our exact dream come true, no less than we would have ourselves.

During the wedding itself, we walked around proud, happy, and relaxed, knowing that the event was all about us and who we are, more than we could have imagined, and all thanks to Bebke.

We want to thank the entire staff from the bottom of our hearts – we love you guys!

Hila and Tamir Potok-Nahari

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