Gilad and Ayelet recommendations

A Vineyard Wedding in Israel (translated from Hebrew)

Gilad and Ayelet recommendations

Right from the first meeting we realized that this was not a regular production company, but a handful of talent and passion along with enthusiasm, that create a magical and unique event. Gilad and Ayelet recommendations for Bebke wedding production company.
The planning was done with a great understanding and respect for the customer- the bride and the groom (which is something you can’t take for granted).
Because we chose to be married out in the field, professionalism was so important to us. We wanted the best suppliers and everything to be in-sync, and of course we needed someone to direct the event itself. But on top of the professionalism the designer’s touch was important to us as well.
Thanks to Bebke we found the perfect combination.
We were completely involved in the planning process, we took part in building the concept and of course we drew the lines regarding budget. We felt we had a say, that we were understood, and that we were given the best answers to any request we dared to dream of.
We especially had a positive experience when Bebke held a presentation of the full concept for us; it was such an important and exciting milestone. We got to see everything at a very early stage of the planning- the designer’s vision, the sketch of the location’s interior decoration and of course the branding ideas for the wedding- all the printed designs and invitations.
The event itself ticked like a clock, everything was perfect- the bar, the food, everything!
Every supplier, even the less significant ones, was professional and delivered a high- quality product (Honestly! The bathroom, the projector and even the photo magnets- everything was perfect!)
Without sounding too kitschy, we really feel like we had the wedding of our dreams.
Everything we dreamed of and more.
The decoration was spectacular, and completely matched our taste, and the location that we chose was even more beautiful than words can describe. The production and the management were at the highest level.
We still relish in the memories and pictures of the event, you are invited to do so as well.

Gilad and Ayelet Heymann

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