Efi and Nizan recommendations

Efi and Nizan recommendations

To our beloved Inbar and Gev,
Where should we start?  A year ago, when we decided to get married, we didn’t know what to do.  We wanted a wedding in an open field, we wanted a party in nature, we wanted lots of things that we didn’t know how to pull together ourselves. Efi and Nizan recommendations Bebke wedding production company.

We talked with lots of producers, but from the very first meeting with Gev, we fell in love and at the second meeting, with Inbar the “master producer” , we already knew absolutely that we’d found a wonderful team who would do their utmost to provide what we wanted, to create a special evening that would be only ours, and who would do it all with professionalism that was second to none.

Efi and Nizan recommendations

We fell in love with you, not only in a professional way.  You’re a once-in-a-lifetime find, both happy and caring.

Throughout the entire period that you were helping us out, you made the process fun, easy, and professional, starting from the connection with the best possible supplies to setting up a unique event in a field without any infrastructure.  You let us know that anything was possible – and that’s exactly how it turned out.

All the ideas and the meetings that emerged over that entire period came together to create a special event, obsessively designed, right down to the tiniest details, and all of it with a giant smile.  You totally hit the bullseye.



We’re still getting feedback, people telling us that there’s never been an event like it, that there was a totally different energy and mood, that we managed to break out of the rut.

To our dear friends at Bebke – there are no words to express how much fun it was and how grateful we are to you for putting in all the effort that you did, for your creative solutions, the love and professionalism you brought to the job – thank you, thank you, thank you!

All our love,

Nizan and Efi, Bunny and Chick 🙂

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