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Best Wedding Planner Israel – The Foolproof Test

Straightforward tips for finding your perfect event planner in Israel.

Wedding planners in Israel can turn your special day into something spectacular. They help you deal with all of the stress that comes from arranging a wedding in Israel, especially if you live abroad and don’t speak Hebrew.

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Think of an event planner in Israel like your new best friend – they are there through thick and thin and make you feel comfortable and calm.

It all comes down to choosing the event planner in Israel that matches your personality, individual style and vision. Consider these pointers when you are initially chatting with a wedding planner in Israel.

You vibe right off the bat 

Although your mother tongue may be different, you are essentially speaking the same language. They recognize how you want your wedding to look and they provide you with support and ideas to actually achieve this dream. You should feel at ease when you meet (whether in-person or on the phone) since they are the one who you will be in contact with constantly. 

event planner in israel

They want to understand you as a couple

Whether you choose to proceed with one of the event production companies in Israel or an individual planner, they should get a good sense of who you are.

It is important that they show an interest in how you met, what you enjoy doing together and more or less your “couple identity.” This will help them recognize what type of feeling you both want at your wedding and how to communicate this within the individual details and aesthetics.

Clear expectations should be set

This is the person (or company) that you trust with the success of your wedding. They are the ones who will make your fantasy into a reality and make sure everything is set perfectly. Planning a wedding in Israel can be a bit more complicated for someone from overseas, so an event planner is an essential piece of this puzzle.

wedding planners in israel

You should voice what you expect from your event planner in Israel and make sure that this is understood from both sides. This will help alleviate any issues down the line and let your wedding become what it should be – the best night of your life.


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