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Beach Venues Wedding in Israel

Want to get married by the sea in the holy land? Keep reading...

Israel weeding holds significant meaning to numerous Jewish couple living abroad, this are not mainly considered to have spiritual experience but because of its accessible options for venues. The place has numerous things to offer, apart from natural landscape, beach venues wedding in Israel are also considered as one of their number of asset. Regardless if you dream of intimate ceremony with sand under your feet or picture out an immense party that overlook the Mediterranean, expect Israel to have it.

Beach Venues Wedding in Israel

From north to south, below are the selected top beach wedding in Israel venues can able to provide unforgettable weeding experience, grab your sunscreen and margarita and get yourself ready to surf Israel’s most fascinating coastline areas. Beach Wedding

  1. Nahiraya: On the northernmost city lies Nahariya, this place offer two public beaches: Sokolov and Galei Galil Beach. If you’re planning to held private ceremony, you will need a wedding planner and municipal approval.
  2. The Sea of Galilee: Nothing is more romantic but to see the sunset while exchanging I Do’s. This Green Beach is located uniquely at the edge of Sea of Galilee with exotic and secluded beach. This venue can be occupied for events during the month of April to October and designed to accommodate 100 to 550 people.
  3. Haifa: This serves as Israel’s 3rd largest city that offers picturesque view of the city. The landscape is truly breathtaking, the Yama which is placed at the seaside provides people a worth remembering coastal experience in contemporary touch. This is a transparent space that holds overlooking deck to the sea where reception can be held. When it comes to number of people they can cover, they can actually accommodate 550 guest and active the entire year since they have roofing. This is adjacent to the Leonardo Hotel where the couple and guests can happily and conveniently the entire night.
  4. Atlit: This only takes 10 minutes south of Haifa. Once you reach the place, you will see a beautiful place that can make any event extra memorable and special. The place is also known as Shonit, a well known private beach which is adjacent to the water park. It can accommodate 100 t0 1000 guest, this is open during warm season only such as May to October; the hotel holds various boutiques, guest will surely enjoy the sophistication of the entire place.
  5. Caesarea: many people adore this place; this only takes 40 minutes of the Tel Aviv. You will enjoy various sights of ancient’s ruins that adds romantic atmosphere to the event. This place offer wide range of venues where you can choose from: Kochav Hayam and Al Hayam.  The Al Hayam is adjacent to ancient city and overlooks a beautiful bay. This is located inside Kibbutz Sdot Yam, which is active during summer months only.  The Kochav Hayam is composed of 5 acres which spread into wide stretch beach which is set with natural reefs. This place is known to be active the entire year, you will be the one to decide if when to use the exterior, interior or integrate to achieve your dream wedding.


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