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A Unique Wedding in Israel

A Unique Wedding in Israel

The wedding season has officially begun, but without a doubt the very best period, weather-wise, starts after the Jewish holidays in the fall!  The burning heat of summer has already begun to break, while the chilly winter weather is still over the horizon, leaving us with weather that’s simply pleasant to spend time outside in, especially in the evening.
Every bride dreams of a unique wedding, but most can’t create one entirely on their own, especially in light of the number of guests and a shortage of truly unique venues that are suitable for large events.

True, when you’re talking about a small and intimate event, sometimes thought of as a “boutique event,” you can hold it in a restaurant, a garden, a courtyard in a kibbutz or some other special spot, but if you have a large number of guests to invite and aren’t willing to pare down the guest list, some couples decide to make do with a run-of-the-mill event hall where the management and staff won’t bother to create a unique event in terms of the look of the hall or the menu.

Unique Wedding Stuffs

Professional Production: For a Unique Wedding

In order to produce a truly unique wedding, there’s nothing like the assistance of true professionals, those who have worked in the field for years and who are experts specifically in finding the perfect location, food, and atmosphere to accommodate even a large number of guests.  Producing a unique event takes a lot of experience alongside knowledge—because as we all know, experience is the best teacher.

Professional event producers can create an overarching concept for the event through a short conversation with the couple, a familiarity which will help them understand who they’re working with and what kind of character the couple desires for the event itself.

Sometimes, when listening to couples, it becomes clear that they’re trying to create a wedding which meets all the dreams and desires of their guests.  Through speaking with professional event producer, many couples come to realize that their own wishes have been left behind – and they can start moving forward and creating a wedding that expresses who they are as individuals and as a couple.

Unique Wedding Decorations

A Large Wedding

In order to produce a unique wedding, before anything else, it’s important to think about your own desires rather than those of your guests.  When you invite guests to your own home, you present yourself as you are, rather than making changes to your house or your personal style for every single guest who enters.  A unique wedding requires a unique venue, so a wedding hall or standard event venue isn’t necessarily the right location.  Even if you’re planning a wedding with a large number of guests, there are still some incredible possibilities, including planning an event in nature, with many possible locations.

Regardless of the event size, a professional event producer will know how to plan every single step, from the initial permit process to every last tiny detail like the colors of the napkins on the table, to ensure that your unique event is one every single guest will enjoy.

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