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5 ideas Israeli Dishes to Serve on Jewish Wedding

Weddings are more than just a celebration of love and the union of two souls because no wedding is complete without a hearty feast. Israeli dishes is a crucial element of any wedding as is the venue, dress, vendors, etc. Israeli weddings are a unique affair. Simple yet extravagant, elegant and sophisticated yet very easy going and laid back; Israeli weddings know how to throw a feast. Famous for its simple ingredients yet hearty flavors, traditional Israeli dishes is absolutely delectable.

If you are having a Jewish wedding and you wish to stay true to tradition by giving your guests a taste of your culture by treating them to a delicious Jewish feast. Following are some tried, tested and loved Israeli recipes that will make everyone salivate and leave them wanting for more. Let’s get started.


Latkes are simply potato pancakes or hash browns of sorts made with mashed or hand shredded potatoes. Traditionally served on Hanukkah, latkes are also loved on other days of the year. Give the traditional latke a modern twist by substituting regular potatoes with sweet potatoes or customize the spice mix to your liking or adding other ingredients for more flavor or transform the original recipe to something that will work excellently as dessert such as fruit compote, nuts, coconut shavings, etc.

Israeli Latkes


Brisket is deliciously juicy and flavorful meat that has been cooked in a roasting pan in an oven with simple seasonings such as salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, parsley, etc. For a contemporary twist, customize your recipe with other flavors such as fruits, sauces, etc. What makes this all the more special is the amount of time it takes to cook which is very long thereby allowing the meat to cook through properly and once done, can be devoured. Brisket is a special dish that is served on holidays. Your wedding day is pretty special too. Make it even more special with brisket.

Israeli Brisket


An Israeli specialty, bourekas are essentially savory pastry that originated from the Balkans and found its way into other parts of Europe; each creating their own customized version of the delicacy. Filled with delicious fillings of all sorts, these little triangles are little pockets of happiness that you can find in any local bakery in a variety of flavors. Share the happiness with the ones you love by serving bourekas on your big day.

Jewish Bourekas


Essentially a thinly rolled fried or baked pancake filled with fruits, cheese or nuts; blintz can be filled with sweet or savory fillings depending on how you like it such as ricotta, feta, strawberry, cranberry, mushroom, etc.

Jewish blintz


A delicious casserole dish either served as dessert or a side dish, Kugel is as versatile as it is delectable. Filled with the deliciousness of fruits, nuts, cheese, and whatnot; you will be asking for doubles.

Jewish kugel

Israeli dishes is incredibly overlooked upon. Try them out and incorporate them in your Jewish wedding menu because otherwise you are missing out.

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