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Marriages in Israel: Behind The Scenes

Every type of wedding explored and uncovered.

Whether you’re local or a foreigner, marriages in a gorgeous destination like Israel bring about a certain set of unwritten rules to follow.

It’s important to understand the ins and outs of your new locality, especially if you plan on tying the knot there.

If you happen to be amongst those fortunate enough to have their destination weddings in Israel, we’re breaking down all the rules and regulations so you can easily obtain your marriage certificate.

Getting married in Israel can be an incredible experience but it is essential that you understand all guidelines so you don’t run into any issues.

Conservative Israeli weddings

The Masorti or conservative movement is comprised of around 50 congregations. If you already belong to the conservative sector or relate to the conservative mindset, the Masorti movement has you covered.


Israeli-Jewish marriages

Every Orthodox Jewish marriage in Israel is performed with the help of an Orthodox Rabbi. If you happen to be a Jew but are marrying a non-Jew, then this form of wedding is not  performed in the same manner. This is also the case for same-sex marriages.

Also, if you happen to be divorced, a certificate must be obtained from the Orthodox court that states your bachelorhood, before you can get married again. Once all of your documents are in order, a copy of your marriage location and the name of the Rabbi performing the ceremony must be submitted.

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The truth about Reform weddings in Israel

The Reform movement in Israel isn’t as prevalent as it is in America. Less than 4% of Israeli-Jews identify as Reform. For this reason, it’s important to get the necessary backing required when planning a Reform wedding in Israel.

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Gay and lesbian marriages in Israel

Although the state of Israel doesn’t recognize gay or lesbian marriages, there are a number of Rabbis or conservative authorities that are willing to work with you. In case you don’t happen to find a Rabbi to take part in your ceremony, consider an individual that can give your wedding the meaning and significance it requires.

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When both members of a couple don’t relate to a religious status or identity, the state of Israel grants them a partnership called”Brit Zugiut.” This recognizes their domestic relationship.

If this sounds like something that matches your situation, you must abide by the following criteria:
⦁ Above 18 years of age
⦁ Permanent resident of Israel
⦁ Must be registered as a non-religious affiliate with the Ministry of Interior
⦁ Each partner cannot be related to one another
⦁ Either partner should not be married to anyone else or to eachother in a marriage that took place outside the state of Israel

There you have it. Everything you need to know if you are considering getting married in Israel. In case you have any other questions regarding Israeli marriages, feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to assist you with knowledge and useful information for your big day.

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