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10 important Israel wedding planning things

10 important Israel wedding planning things

A wedding in Israel represents a status of sanctity for the couple, whether a Jewish couple living in the Diaspora or Israel. In order to create a special event, one that will be enjoyable for any type of guest, it is worthwhile preparing accordingly. Here are 10 important Israel wedding planning things:

Event production-

Today, anyone can become an event producer, with the wealth of information that exists online and of course social media sites such as Pinterest, where you can copy any item that will appear at the wedding, from a dog collar to the choice of the “Chupa” design to the entire event. But there is a huge difference between choosing a style and design and making a choice in reality. It may seem simple to you, but it’s not easy to create something new and unfamiliar when you are about to stand under the Chupa, choosing vendors, seating, making sure to choose a space with a permit, renting mobile toilets, providing a kitchen with electricity and water in the middle of the desert and so on. Experienced event producers know how to operate in any situation, even if you put them in the middle of the desert. You can focus on the excitement and they will take care of the rest.

10 important planning Israel wedding things

Choosing a location-

If you choose to hold the wedding in Israel, you have already made a big step, which means that you are certainly sentimentally connected to the Holy Land. Unlike many countries abroad, Israel is a small country and can be crossed by car in less than 10 hours, allowing you to hold the event wherever you would like. The easiest choice is in the center of the country, where most of your friends and family probably are, but in order to enjoy a slice of paradise, you can go North or the South, in search of a natural area in the Israel landscape. If you want to be close to Holy Jerusalem, there is a great variety of mountainous areas that will leave you open-mouthed, and an experienced event production company will know how to cope with any location you choose, so that the sky’s the limit.

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Choosing suppliers-

The vendors working at your event should be chosen with care, as they will make all the difference in the quality of the event. You event will reflect the quality of the suppliers. Since you are coming from afar to have the wedding, it is recommended you consult with professionals who know suppliers in a variety of fields, and can advise you about those that best suit your needs. An event producer works with these types of vendors daily, so it is recommended that you hire his services and ask him to use his connections in finding good suppliers such as: catering, photography, design, lighting, and so on.

Catering, bar, photography and etc. are important things planning Israel wedding

Support for guests from abroad –

If you intend to invite guests from abroad, it is highly recommended that you prepare them in advance before coming to Israel. Through the event production company, you can create a landing page or blog, that will guide your guests and help you with recommendations about hotels, sites to visit during their stay, recommended restaurants, directions to the event, and more.

Landing page is a part of Israel wedding

Selecting a date-

As is well known, Israel is a hot country, the sun shining much of the year, but it is important to ascertain what the best dates to hold an event are, whether in a closed or open space. There is no doubt that the best time is in the spring, starting in April, when the weather is pleasant, the flowers are in full bloom and you can enjoy the event in any area, whether in a vineyard, the desert, the forest, on a roof or at the beach. If you plan to hold an event with a rabbi, an Israeli event producer will update you as to the dates it is customary not to get married on in Jewish Halacha.

Ideal time for Israel wedding is April

Signed agreements –

At every point during Israel wedding planning, it is recommended to work with written agreements; so that you have a signed copy which assures you that everything you have been told is well documented. Avoid unpleasant bureaucracy and ask for a contract from any supplier, and do not rely on promising words such as “it will be fine.” Once you get in touch with an event producer, he will guide you through every step and save you the headaches, talk with any supplier and demand a signed agreement.

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Compare prices-

There is no doubt that one of the most prominent advantages of a wedding in Israel is the price! Although the costs in Israel are not low as a general rule, compared to events abroad, it is much cheaper to hold a wedding in Israel. Create a price comparison table which includes vendor prices, location and dress prices, suits and all other professionals, and you will soon see where it is best for you to hold the wedding, buy the wedding dress, suit and all the items that accompany the event.

Important things are smile and pleasure of Israel wedding couple


As in any country, Israel also has a bureaucracy that needs to be dealt with when getting married. If you want to hold a civil ceremony and not be married through religion and law, it will be much simpler and you will be able to choose an MC of your heart desire. But if you want to hold a Jewish ceremony, you will have to go through the rabbinate at least 90 days in advance, bring with you witnesses who are not family members, sign forms and prove that you are Jewish. If you have at home confirmation that your parents were married in a Jewish ceremony and you have proof that you are Jewish, it is recommended to bring all the required forms with you and even verify all these details before you arrive in Israel.

Important kiss on Israel wedding

Daytime or evening event-

The decision whether this will be a daytime or evening wedding should be decided according to the chosen date. If you choose a very summery date and the wedding is to takes place outdoors, take in to account that you will need to find good air conditioning solutions. In addition, each event has its own concept, there are weddings that are better suited to the afternoon, and there are those that would be better in the evening. If you want the Chupa to be held in daylight and last until sunset, this is also a wonderful option and you will benefit from all worlds. An experienced event producer knows which location and what type of wedding is better suited for the daytime or a beautiful and romantic evening.

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Surprising additions to the price-

As mentioned above, it is important to make agreements with each supplier, so that you will have proof of the conditions you agreed upon together. No less important is the question of additions to the final costs. There may be suppliers who will tell you that you will have to add money for all sorts of small extras, which will soon become hefty additions. It is important to finalize the details before the event, so that you are not surprised at the end. Ask your suppliers to give you a final price including VAT and any other additions.

Pleasure of couple is important Israel wedding planning things, too.

These 10 important Israel wedding planning things are not nothing less importantly than
other small details which need to be checked before planning Israel wedding, so that you will not fall between the cracks. Carefully check all the details before the date, plan the event together with the event producer and save all the extra time to enjoy together with friends and family.

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